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No matter what segment of the BUMC community you represent, there are opportunities to make a positive difference for the environment on our campus.  The Sustainability Committee is dedicated to incorporating ideas and recommendations from a variety of sources, as well as providing opportunities and information to help each member of our campus reduce their own negative effects on the planet.  We need the entirety of the community to work together to form a campus that heals and protects the environment the way we heal and protect the human body.

Sustainability Departmental Liaison Program

The SDL program is the prime mechanism for spreading the message of sustainability throughout the BUMC and pushing green policies forward. The program taps into the knowledge, passion, and energy of our staff and faculty to make their own offices, departments, and divisions more ecologically friendly, while also educating their co-workers and students about the importance of sustainability.

SDLs are BUMC staff and faculty volunteers who take the initiative to serve as the ‘go-to’ sustainability representative for their office or floor. The SDLs help promote and adapt the Sustainability Committee’s policy recommendations into practical and usable actions. The SDLs also help guide the Committee’s resource development. » more.

Sustainability Student Liaison Program

October 29, 2009
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of BU School of Medicine