Student Outreach

The Sustainability Committee is working hard to ensure that the student population of BUMC is not only served with its activities, but that they truly drive the actions of the committee and have an integral role in its mission.

With the assistance of the student representatives sitting on the committee, we’ve created a multi-pronged approach to engaging the students across campus.

Student Outreach Components:


Student Surveys:

By directly measuring how our students in each program here on BUMC prefer to utilize recycling and other sustainability resources, we can get a good idea of what issues are important to each student population, and what services are critical to provide.

Class Presentations:

In order to ensure that the Sustainability Committee’s work is getting communicated effectively at the student level, our student representatives prepare quick 5-10 minute presentations for their classmates and deliver them before shared courses.

Student Organizations:

In order to ensure long-term student participation in sustainability efforts, the committee has reached out to a number of BUMC student organizations that have a mission or focus on environmental work.  By incorporating the committee’s work into these organizations’ tasks, we hope to ensure consistent student participation year-to-year.

February 5, 2009
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