Other Recycling Programs

BUMC has more recycling options than the pilot recycling program alone.  If you have more exotic materials to recycle, there’s a good chance that either Facilities Management or Environmental Health and Safety has a program you can use to safely and sustainably dispose of them. In almost all cases, it’s a good idea to contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at 617-638-8830 to find out what the exact procedure is for each item.

Electronics (old computers, monitors, printers, copiers, freezers/coolers and refrigerators):
Give old electronic equipment to the custodians in your area.  They will bring these materials to designated collection areas for recycling.

Batteries (standard AAA or AA, D, C, 9-volts):
Contact OEHS to find closest collection location.  If your office generates a lot of battery waste, the OEHS can provide you with a special recycling bin for batteries.  If you work in a lab, the hazardous waste crew can take your batteries.

Light Bulbs:
Give used light bulbs to custodians or contact OEHS to schedule a pick-up.

Cell Phones:
Contact OEHS to get a pre-paid cell phone recycling bag.

Contact OEHS to get pre-paid packaging for your toner to send back to the supplier.

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