Outreach and Community

The most important component of the Sustainability Committee’s work is outreach to the BUMC community.  The core of sustainability work is to change behavior and operating procedures, and that change can only come about as the result of working with people.

Sustainability Departmental Liaison Program

Sustainability Departmental Liaisons (SDLs) are staff members a faculty across the campus who work to bring the message of sustainability into their specific workspace or department.  They adapt the recommendations and policies of the Committee into local, actionable practices.

If you are a staff or faculty member at the BUMC and would like to become join our SDL team, see the program description here.

Student Sustainability Liaison Program

Student Sustainability Liaisons (SSLs) function in much the same way as the SDLs, with the exception that students do not have a set office or space on the campus in which they work.  SSLs help mold the recommendations of the Committee into actionable work for the student body on campus, and encourage their classmates to be active participants in sustainability work at the BUMC.

If you are a student in any academic program at the BUMC and would like to learn more about the SSL program, see the description here.

Student Group Partnerships

One of the greatest resources from which the BUMC can draw is the ingenuity, passion, and intelligence of its student body.  The Sustainability Committee is working with several student groups across campus to green school policy and create long-term plans for community outreach and communication.

Campus Signage

The Sustainability Committee, in conjunction with student groups, the SDLs and SSLs and Educational Media is working to create visible reminders and green information sources in the form of posters, LCD displays, and online newsletters so that our campus community can see our commitment to sustainability.

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