Focus Areas

The BUMC Sustainability Committee is dedicated to making our community as sustainable in as many areas and fields as we can.  No one program or initiative will mitigate the campus’s contribution to global climate change, but a combination of strategies and projects can have a substantial impact.  Below are the main focus areas of the BUMC Sustainability Committee.

Reducing Waste

Recycling, reducing waste, and lessening the campus’s needs for new supplies.

Energy Conservation

Lowering the electricity, steam, and oil needs the campus requires to function.


Facilitating easier-to-use and more sustainable travel options for our students, staff, and patients.

Green Buildings

New, LEED-certified construction on campus.

Outreach and Community

Communication, behavior change strategies, and finding new ways to link the community in the common goal of healing: both our patients and neighborhoods, and the planet.

July 9, 2009
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