Several of our faculty members are collaborating on a five-year NIMH-funded R01 study:


Now in our fourth year, this is a randomized controlled trial, investigating the efficacy of an HIV prevention intervention for 300+ men and women with serious and persistent mental illness who are engaging in risky sexual and/or drug use behavior. Our experimental intervention utilizes a psycho-educational model, incorporating Motivational Interviewing. We are investigating the extent to which our intervention is associated with HIV risk behaviors (unprotected oral/anal/vaginal sex, use of dirty IV drug needles, and sex while under the influence of drugs/alcohol), HIV-related knowledge, and skills necessary for HIV risk reduction (use of male and female condoms, dental dams, IV drug needle cleaning, and communication skills). We are also investigating whether our intervention is associated with accessing HIV Counseling and Testing services for those participants not known to have HIV/AIDS.

Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine Program faculty associated with this project:

Dr. Stephen Brady: Principle Investigator
Dr. Jori Berger-Greenstein: Co-Investigator and second author of experimental intervention
Dr. Rachel Levy-Bell: Interventionist Clinical Supervisor
Dr. Eric Devine: Motivational Interviewing trainer, fidelity monitoring, first author of experimental intervention

The day-to-day operation of our project:

Cathryn Mainville: Project Director
Kathleen Reid: Co-Project Director

Jessica Wolfe: Interventionist and Evaluator

**Also involved in our study are three current MHCBM students, who became involved in the study through the Clinical Field Research course.