Faculty & Staff

As counselor educators, we are committed to having exceptional instructors. We take great pride in our teaching faculty, who are invested in student learning, passionate about their respective fields, and have a wealth and breadth of experience from which to draw. We believe it’s important that teaching faculty also serve as mentors and role models for our students. As such, we strive for having faculty who represent students’ areas of interests, have professional roles in which students have an interest, and are licensed clinical mental health counselors, the licensure for which our students would be eligible post-graduation. All of our instructors have expertise in their respective fields.

74% of our instructors are active clinicians
83% are licensed clinicians
35% are licensed mental health clinicians (i.e. hold LMHC licensure)
52% are actively engaged in academic research
22% own and, operate, and/or serve as a business or clinical program
3% are alumni of our program
39% work in a hospital or have hospital privileges

Our Program Coordinator, Mrs. Bernice Mark, has been with the Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine Program since its inception. She is typically the first contact for people with questions about our program or applications. Her enthusiasm, warmth, and dedication to our program is invaluable.