Boston Medical Center and the City of Boston

Boston is a terrific place to live. It is the largest city in New England but has many small neighborhoods that maintain their distinct charm. We also have vibrant transportation system that includes the subway, commuter rail, buses and our bike system known as the “Hubway” that make the city easy to navigate.  We are very rich in history, culture, sports and innovation. This includes many historical monuments, world class culture including theatre, art, music and dance. We also have the best sports teams in the U.S. although some of you may beg to differ.  Home to more than 60 colleges and universities and over 100,000 students, Boston is also a lot of fun with many venues for entertainment appealing to young people. Contrary to popular perception Boston is the one of the more ethnically diverse cities in the U.S. including large numbers of ethnically identified Non-Hispanic Whites, Hispanics and African Americans. The majority of linguistic minorities, immigrants and refugees in New England also live in the Metropolitan Boston area. Our diversity creates a vibrant and supportive context in which to be a graduate student.

The Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine is located in Boston on the campus of the Boston University Medical Center which is located in the heart of Boston’s diverse South End community. The South End includes large numbers of young professionals, people of color and the LGBT community. It is also well known for its restaurants and at the center of the “foodie” culture in Boston. The Medical Center located at BUSM is one of the most diverse hospitals in New England and a site for many of our clinical placements for the MHCBM students.

Rich in history, culture, education and diversity Boston and the Boston University Medical Center is a wonderful place to train for the field of clinical mental health counseling.