Medical Student Summer Research Program (BUSM I)

Medical Student Summer Research Program (MSSRP) offers up to 30 competitive $2,750 scholarships to first-year Boston University medical students to complete an 8-week research project with a BUMC faculty member during the summer. Research projects MUST BE conducted with a BUMC faculty member. This scholarship does not support projects outside of BUMC.

In order to receive an scholarship, you must be in good academic standing and eligible for promotion to the second year; this means no Fail or Incomplete grades, and a maximum of two Marginal Pass grades. Questions regarding the program may be directed to Ana Bediako, The Office of Enrichment, See Detailed Description and Goals of MSSRP.

Summer 2016 Application

  • Letter of intent: DUE March 7, 2016.
  • Application: DUE March 21, 2016.

Resources for Medical Students to Find and Develop a Research Project

Begin here: Research Networking: Best Practices for Finding a Research Focus & Mentor to understand the process of finding a project and mentor.