ASMS 2012

Listing of abstracts presented by Cardiovascular Proteomics Center and Mass Spectrometry Resource investigators at the 60th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry, American Society for Mass Spectrometry, May 20-24, 2012, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Abstracts Presented by CPC Investigators:

McComb ME, Spencer JL, Bhatia VN, Whelan SA, Kehasse AY, Heckendorf CF, Costello CE.Counting Strategies for Differential Characterization of Post-Translational Modifications.

Heckendorf CF, Theberge R, Costello CE, McComb ME. Development of a Web-based Top-Down Protein Identification Tool.

Theberge R, Motashemi I, Costello CE, McComb ME. Enhanced top-Down MS/MS of small proteins using multiple precursor m/z isolation/fragmentation

Theberge R, Dikler S, McComb ME, Costello CE. Hemoglobin Variant Analysis Using MALDI-reISD.

Whelan SA, Perlman DH, Siwik DA, Colucci W, Bachshmid MM, Cohen RA, Costello CE, McComb ME. Biomarker Analysis of Metabollic Disorder Disease in the American Diet Mouse Model.

Xu X, Hu H, Leymarie NL, Meriin AB, Pu Y, McComb ME, Sherman MY, Costello CE. Determination of Synphilin-1 interaction networks using isotopically tagged cross-linking and mass spectrometry.

Yao C, Yu J, Polgar P, McComb ME, Costello CE. Investigation of endothelin-1 contribution to pulmonary arterial hypertension by proteomic mass spectrometry

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