Research activities in the Section of Cardiovascular Medicine are broad based with strengths in a variety of subject areas including clinical research, basic/translational research, and population science/epidemiology. Many programs are affiliated with the Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute.

Selected General Subject Areas of Active Research directed by Faculty or affiliated Faculty:

1. Cardiovascular Epidemiology

Primary Investigators: Emelia Benjamin, Vasan Ramachandran

2. Basic mechanisms of Cardiomyopathy/Biomarker discovery

Primary Investigators: Wilson Colucci, Flora Sam (Lab link), David Pimentel

3. Basic mechanisms of Vascular Biology

Primary Investigator: Richard Cohen

4. Basic mechanisms of Cardiovascular Metabolism

Primary Investigator: Kenneth Walsh (Lab link)

5. Translational Vascular Biology

Primary Investigators: Noyan Gokce, Naomi Hamburg

6. Clinical imaging research

Primary Investigators: Frederick RubergNoyan Gokce

7. Health systems research in acute MI care

Primary Investigator: Alice Jacobs

Important Links to Specific Programs:

Framingham Heart Study
The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) sponsored Framingham Heart Study (FHS), founded in 1948, has yielded seminal findings relevant to the development of cardiovascular disease in a population-based cohort of families in Framingham, MA. Drs. Emelia Benjamin, Vasan Ramachandran, and Jared Magnani are Framingham investigators, as well as members of the BU Department of Medicine. Numerous publications with other members of the BU Cardiology faculty, other BUMC investigators, as well as colleagues outside of the BU community have been the result of fruitful collaborative efforts. Please see the FHS link for more details. BU Fellows, during their training, may chose to work with FHS as part of their research experience.

Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research

Cardiovascular Proteomics Center

Center for Global Health and Development

Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Center for Regenerative Medicine

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Research training in Cardiovascular Medicine

The Cardiovascular Medicine NIH Training Grant