Resource Scheduling Policy


As the Boston University Medical Campus grows and medical and academic programs expand, there is increased pressure on space and instructional technology resources for teaching. This policy, the purpose of which is to ensure the availability of adequate space/resources for Medical Campus mission-based activities, establishes the priorities for deployment of space/resources, sets forth guidelines to accommodate curriculum activities, and enables the efficient use of instructional resources. These guidelines define priorities in scheduling, factors to consider when submitting scheduling requests, and the process, procedures and deadlines used to allocate and manage our resources.

The Provost Office requires familiarity with this policy statement (in consideration of resource issues), in the development and approval process for new programs/courses and increases in student enrollment.

Guiding Principle

Boston University Medical Campus curriculum requirements, with the requisite supporting resource needs, are prioritized before non-curriculum events. Accordingly, non-curriculum events or activities are not scheduled until the scheduling of curriculum events is finalized. Space resources (e.g., classrooms) are booked on a semester basis. Scheduling beyond a next semester timeframe is deferred until all curriculum activities are scheduled and confirmed. Scheduling of rooms is based primarily on curricular need and space availability. Proximity, location, and room attribute preferences are considered after curricular space requirements have been satisfied, unless other overriding factors (e.g., ADA requirements) apply. Confirmed assignments for space resources may be modified, if warranted, as determined by the Office of Resource Scheduling.

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