Veteran’s Day and COVID-19 Testing Compliance

Two important updates regarding testing compliance:

  1. Veterans Day is Wednesday November 11, 2020.  BU classes are in session and the testing collection sites will be open.  Veterans Day is a University holiday for staff; as a result, staff should plan their testing accordingly.
    • If possible, those staff members, who typically test on Wednesday and are not on campus that day, should plan to test early to remain compliant.
    • If early testing is not possible, those staff members who miss their Wednesday testing are to test on the first day they return to campus (in most cases Thursday, 11/12).  A one-time exception for the missed test on 11/11/20 will be recognized, as long as the staff member tests as soon as they return to campus.
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  1. Strict compliance to the “testing within 7 days” standard will be enforced effective Monday 11/9/20.
    • Over the past week, schools/colleges/departments have reported some continued confusion on the standard of “testing within 7 days” protocol.  To clarify:
      • Testing requirement is one test within 7 days (an employee can test PRIOR to the close of the 7 days, they are non-compliant on day 8).
        • Example – Test on Monday 11/2/20 – – considered compliant if they test again by the close of the collection site on Monday 11/9/20.
        • Failure to test by 11/9/20 will reflect as non-compliant on 11/10/20.
    • Management discretion on failure to test should be used in the following situations:
      • The faculty/staff member was unexpectedly not on campus on the day of their schedule test (sick, personal emergency etc).
      • The faculty/staff member was excused in advance from being on campus (vacation/out of town etc).
    • Management discretion is not intended to excuse non-compliance for unexcused missed tests, for instance:
      • Too busy to get to the collection site.
      • Forgetting to make appointment in advance and then no appointments available.
      • Expected absence from campus or regularly scheduled day off (not a vacation or sick day) and did not plan to test in advance.

The goal is the continued health and safety of the BU community and we appreciate your participation in ensuring compliance to the testing protocols as set forth by the University.

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