Weekly Safe Return to BUMC Update: Aug. 27

BU Moves to Phase 3

As BU moves forward in phase 3 of its four-phase reopening, the health and safety of our community remains our highest priority. A clear explanation of the required public health guidelines can be found in the new Back to On-Campus Work, Phase 3 guide, published on the Back2BU website.

Important Updates for Teaching Faculty:

Classroom Moderators will not be approved for Remote Classes
Learn from Anywhere classroom moderators will only be available for when teaching faculty are teaching in the classroom. Moderators are IS&T student employees hired and trained to assist instructors with technology for classes offered in the LfA format. Because moderators do not supervise or instruct students in their assigned classroom, the instructor of record must be physically present in the classroom. 

Optimization of Reserved Space and AV/Technology for Classes
Please help us use instructional technology staff and space efficiently to ensure a successful semester on the Medical Campus. If you switch your class to online and no longer need a room reserved or an AV set up, please communicate immediately with:


On Saturday, Aug. 29, the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine will open its new Simulation Learning Center (SLC) at 635 Albany St., on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. for pre- and postdoctoral academic sessions and individual practice, adding 135 practice slots per week. Faculty will monitor these Saturday SLC sessions to ensure compliance with infection prevention protocols, and PPE and social-distancing requirements.

The school’s existing SLC, located at 670 Albany St., will close permanently on Friday, Aug. 28.

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