8/20-24 BUMC Electrical Generator Testing

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August 17th, 2018

Beginning Monday, Aug. 20, through Friday, Aug. 24, facilities will be testing the electrical generators on the Medical Campus. There will be no disruption of electrical services during the four-hour tests.

Depending on your specific office or laboratory location in each of the buildings, you might hear the generator engines running.

Monday, Aug. 20 778 Harrison Ave., Housman Medical Research building (R)
Tuesday, Aug. 21 700 Albany St., CABR building (W)
Wednesday, Aug. 22 650 Albany St., EBRC building (X)
Thursday, Aug. 23 71 E. Concord St., Conte Medical Research building (K)

815 Albany St., MSR building

Friday, Aug. 24 609 Albany St., Dermatology building (J)

750 Harrison Ave., Robinson building (B)

If you have questions, please call the Control Center at 617-638-4144