Remote Desktop Will Require Two-factor VPN with Duo Security Starting Thursday, June 28

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June 18th, 2018

You soon will be required to use the BU two-factor VPN with Duo security (2FA VPN) for remote desktop to access computers on the BU Medical Campus.

What should I do now?
If you do not use remote desktop to connect to a computer on-campus – usually from a computer at home – nothing is required. To learn more about remote desktop, click here.

If you do use remote desktop to connect to a computer on-campus, you must start using the 2FA VPN.

Type instead of into the Cisco client.

COM-cisco 2fa capture

Then follow our instructions at Tech Web.

Why are we requiring the 2FA VPN for remote desktop access to computers?
BU faculty, staff and students are frequent targets of phishing emails, and attackers regularly compromise BU accounts. By requiring the 2FA VPN, we make it harder for a malicious individual to impersonate other users and access data on computers.

Click here to learn how to fight phishing.

If you have questions, please contact