Nov. 17 Resilience and Mindfulness Workshop

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November 12th, 2015

Life is full of challenges. While we often have no choice over the challenges we encounter, we do have some control over how we respond. BUMC faculty and staff are invited to a free wellness workshop, Tuesday, Nov. 17. (Register at

This presentation will focus on cultivating psychological resilience – the ability to cope effectively with crises and bounce back quickly from setbacks.

In this interactive workshop participants will:

  • Explore the concepts of resilience and of mindfulness and the ways in which mindfulness boosts resilience
  • Sample mindfulness practices including mindful eating, meditation, and mindful stretching
  • Learn about other simple activities demonstrated to boost resilience
  • Identify free resources available for use in cultivating mindfulness and resilience

Nov. 17 Resilience and Mindfulness Workshop

Tuesday, Nov. 17
Noon-1 p.m.
BUSM Instructional Building, Room L209
Please register at