BMC Construction Update

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October 2nd, 2014

The Medical Campus will start to see a lot of changes beginning this month as BMC’s clinical campus redesign project picks up speed. Continued soil excavation may be malodorous; however proactive measures are being implemented to minimize the smell. It is not harmful. There will be additional changes to pedestrian and vehicular traffic patterns. Please utilize designated walking paths, allow extra time when crossing from one side of campus to the other, and give yourself ample time when driving into work.

Albany Street Construction Map Oct_2014

The following will begin in early October:

Menino Pavilion

To accommodate construction activities the following changes, approved by the City of Boston, will be made to Albany Street:

  • Relocation of the bus stop from 774 Albany St. (front of Boston Public Health) to 710 Albany St. (in front of the parking garage and the TranSComm office).
  • Traffic lanes along Albany Street will change to accommodate construction activities. Traffic will be maintained in both directions on Albany Street. Parking meters located in front of the Talbot building (in front the FedEx office) and in front of the Power Plant will be removed. A new eastbound dedicated left-turn lane to the Shapiro driveway will be created. The current Albany Street east-bound dedicated right-turn lane to the 610 and 710 garages (lane coming from Mass Ave.) will be modified to become a shared through/right turn lane. The current Albany Street west-bound dedicated left-turn lane to 710 garage (lane coming from Frontage Road) will also become a shared through/left turn lane, with those turning left yielding to oncoming traffic.
  • Closure of the north side Albany Street sidewalk from Dowling building to Shapiro Center driveway. No pedestrians will be able to walk along this stretch of sidewalk; all pedestrians will need to walk along the south side of Albany Street (the Power Plant side). Walking access to the Shapiro Center along Albany St. from 85 East Concord will be maintained.
  • No entry or exit from Dowling building to Albany Street sidewalk; only emergency egress will be maintained during construction. Access to and egress from the Dowling building will be from the Yawkey Center ground floor connecting corridor.

Yawkey Center

A construction staging area will be built along the Mass Ave. side of the Yawkey Center to allow for construction personnel and materials to enter and exit the building. The parking meters along the Yawkey side of Mass Ave. have been removed to create the construction area and a dedicated lane for pedestrians has been created that is protected by jersey barriers. Five metered parking spaces on Mass Ave., near the Yawkey entrance, will be removed to create a dedicated drop-off location for patients in wheelchairs.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact