When Patients Heal You: BUMC Arts Outreach Initiative

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November 13th, 2012

A unique collaboration among the department of Neurology, the BU School of Medicine Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs and the BU Medical Campus Arts Outreach Initiative resulted in an extraordinary concert on the Medical Campus in early November. The concert, When Patients Heal You, featured a group of six talented performers, all patients successfully treated by the department of Neurology at Boston Medical Center.

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This group of talented patients embodies the diversity and cultural richness of the medical campus and hospital. They performed selections ranging from classical to rock, and from jazz to Caribbean music. Each performer has faced and overcome some type of neurological challenge. Images are available on Facebook.

The Medical Campus Arts Initiative is led by Moises Fernandez Via, Project Curator and Researcher for the Arts Outreach Initiative, a professional concert pianist with a strong commitment to bringing arts to health-care settings. “Something fantastic happened during the concert. The audience witnessed how art allowed patients to transcend their condition as patients and transform into musicians,” said Fernandez Via.

More information on the Medical Campus Arts Initiative is available here.