Researchers Studying Possible Analgesic Affects of Testosterone

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August 20th, 2009

The Androgen Clinical Research Unit (ACRU) at Boston Medical Center in conjunction with Boston University is dedicated to conducting research that advances the understanding of the effects of testosterone administration on various clinical outcomes.

The mission at ACRU is to evaluate the effects of testosterone on physical function, sexual function, muscle strength, metabolism, cardiovascular risks, and pain perception in men and women.

BMC researchers, under the direction of Dr. Shehzad Basaria, an associate professor of medicine, have begun conducting a new clinical trial on the effects of testosterone. They are seeking males, 18 years or older, who have chronic pain and currently take prescription pain medication. Participants will take part in a five-visit, 14-week research study to evaluate the effects of testosterone replacement on pain perception, pain tolerance and the quality of life in men with chronic pain. For more information please call 617-414-2936 or visit their website at