Naomi M. Hamburg, M.D., MS, FACC

Associate Professor of Medicine


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I am a clinical scientist with a translational research program focused on understanding the development of vascular complications in diabetes and peripheral artery disease. My laboratory currently has three main areas of research. The first is characterizing insulin signaling resistance in the endothelium of patients with diabetes to develop novel theories to restore vascular function. We have found that inhibiting PKCbeta reverses insulin resistance in endothelial cells freshly isolated from patients with diabetes. The second is investigating new approaches to predicting clinical outcomes in patients with peripheral artery disease including biomarkers, microRNA and endogenous inhibitors of angiogenesis. The third is studying vascular function in community-based studies at the Framingham heart study. Trainees in our group will have the opportunity to conduct translational studies that advance our knowledge of disease mechanisms in patients.