Pre-award Administrative Support

Planning Stages

Looking for funding opportunities?

  • The latest funding opportunities list, published by Chobanian & Avedisian SOM Research, can be found here.
  • Additionally, we can help identify funding opportunities released by federal agencies, private organizations and corporate foundations by walking PIs through the variety of databases available to BU students and faculty

Wondering if you qualify for a particular grant?

  • We can contact sponsors, as needed, to obtain background information, confirm eligibility criteria, and clarify guidelines/policies to ensure proposals prepared and submitted are administratively compliant and address programmatic priorities as described in funding announcement.
  • If you are considering applying for a grant or contract, please contact us as soon as possible, following the timeline provided below.

Preferred Notification Timeline

BU as Sub-Award to Outside Institution at least 2 weeks’ notice
BU as Prime/Submitting Institution at least 4 weeks’ notice
BU as Prime/Submitting Institution with 2 or more Sub-Awards at least 6-8 weeks’ notice
BU as Prime/Submitting Institution for Complex/Multi-PI Project Mechanism at least 8 weeks’ notice
BU as Prime/Submitting Institution for a Federal Contract notify as soon as discussions begin!

Proposal Development and Review

We have a variety of expertise and skills that can be of assistance to PIs submitting a grant:

  • Timeline creation: Track all proposal tasks, including those assigned to collaborators at other institutions, to ensure that these tasks are completed and gathered in a timely manner to include in the application
  • Budget and budget justification preparation
  • Knowledge of the various administrative components of an application: We can share resources and interpret sponsor guidance to ensure all components of your proposal position you for successful funding outcomes
  • Editing: Gather, format, and edit proposal materials, such as biographical sketches, current and pending support, etc., to ensure that they are up to date and consistent with one another and compliant with sponsor guidelines
  • Institutional approvals & compliance: We will gather regulatory approvals and assurances as needed and prepare and circulate internal forms for authorized signatures
  • Proposal review: Before any grant is submitted, we review the final proposal to verify that all required components have been completed, formatted correctly and adhere to sponsor guidelines
  • Grant submission: We will collaborate with Sponsored Programs to ensure your grant is submitted, on time, to the sponsor

Tips to Keep in Mind When Submitting a Proposal

  1. You are not alone: Putting together a grant is a team effort between the investigator, collaborators, our team, and Sponsored Programs.
  2. Plan ahead: Sponsored Programs submission policy requires administrative sections completed 5 business days in advance of the deadline, and final grant submission 3 days prior to the deadline.
  3. Discuss your project with your mentors, supervisors, and colleagues: Your department chair must approve the proposal prior to submission, especially if there is a proposed cost-share. Your colleagues and mentors can offer valuable guidance and constructive critique.

Grant Strategy Services

Dr. Elaine Lee helps investigators create clear and compelling scientific narratives and can help investigators at any stage of the writing process, from conceptualizing specific aims, to responding to reviewer critiques in a resubmission. Dr. Lee also hosts workshops targeted at supporting early stage investigators and non-native English-speaking faculty. Find out more about her services here.