Genetic Mapping Studies

More than a decade ago, in collaboration with Dr. Peter St. George-Hyslop at the University of Toronto, we mapped a gene for early-onset familial AD to chromosome 14,1 which was identified in 1995 as presenilin 1. The discovery of this gene (PS1) and the protein it encodes engendered an entire “cottage industry” of scientists focused on the role of presenilins in AD pathogenesis including APP processing. More recently, we partnered again with Dr. St. George-Hyslop in a search for proteins which modulate the effect of presenilin on APP processing. This effort led to the identification of a novel protein called nicastrin (aptly named after the Italian village which is home to one of the original large extended families instrumental in the identification of PS1). Our subsequent studies determined that nicastrin is a functional component of PS1 complexes involved in the unusual intramembranous proteolytic processing of transmembrane proteins including ßAPP.2 We have also localized genes for late-onset AD in large families with multiple persons affected with AD, but the genes accounting for these linkage signals remain elusive.3-5 We expect that our current large-scale next generation sequencing studies will uncover the mutations causing AD in these families.

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    In press.