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Article Title
Presenter & Teaching Points
9/21/22 Practical considerations for specifying a super learner
Rachael V. Phillips, Mark J. van der Laan, Hana Lee, Susan Gruber

Dr. Jafarzadeh

10/19/22 Comparison of a Target Trial Emulation Framework vs Cox Regression to Estimate the Association of Corticosteroids With COVID-19 Mortality. Hoffman KL, Schenck EJ, Satlin MJ, Whalen W, Pan D, Williams N, Díaz I


Dr. Jafarzadeh

Implementation of G-computation on a simulated data set: demonstration of a causal inference technique.  Jonathan M Snowden Sherri RoseKathleen M Mortimer

Introducing riskCommunicator: An R package to obtain interpretable effect estimates for public health. Jessica Grembi, Elizabeth Rogawski McQuade

Dr. Jafarzadeh
12/21/22 Approaches to addressing missing values, measurement error, and
confounding in epidemiologic studies
Maarten van Smedena,*, Bas B.L. Penning de Vriesa, Linda Naba, Rolf H.H. Groenwolda,bApproaches to addressing missing values, measurement error, and confounding in epidemiologic studies – ScienceDirect
M. Lavalley PhD 

A Framework for Descriptive Epidemiology : Catherine R LeskoMatthew P FoxJessie K Edwards

J Liew, MD
State of the art in selection of variables and functional forms in multivariable analysisoutstanding issues.
W. Sauerbrei, A. PerperoglouM. SchmidM. AbrahamowiczH. BecherH. BinderD. DunklerF. HarrellP. RoystonG. Heinzefor TG2 of the STRATOS initiative Collaborators, Affiliations 
K Bacon PhD
3/15/23 Cure models as a useful statistical tool for analyzing survival. Othus M, Barlogie B, Leblanc ML, Crowley JJ.Clin Cancer Res. 2012 Jul 15;18(14):3731-6. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-11-2859. PMID: 22675175 G Miller

Wearable full-body motion tracking of activities of daily living predicts disease trajectory in Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  Ricotti V, Kadirvelu B, Selby V, Festenstein R, Mercuri E, Voit T, Faisal AA.Nat Med. 2023 Jan;29(1):95-103. doi: 10.1038/s41591-022-02045-1. Epub 2023 Jan 19.PMID: 36658421 

D Kumar PhD

Vijaya Kolachalama PhD


Many Analysts, One Data Set: Making Transparent How Variations in Analytic Choices Affect Results. : Silberzahn, R., Uhlmann, E. L., Martin, D. P., Anselmi, P., Aust, F., Awtrey, E., . . . Nosek, B. A.


M. Lavalley, PhD

6/21/23 Do clinicians understand the size of treatment effects? A randomized survey across 8 countries

Bradley C. Johnston,  Pablo Alonso-Coello, Jan O. Friedrich, MD, Reem A. Mustafa, , Kari A.O. Tikkinen, Ignacio Neumann, Per O. Vandvik, Elie A. Akl, Bruno R. da Costa, Neill K. Adhikari, Gemma Mas Dalmau, Elise Kosunen, Jukka Mustonen, Mark W. Crawford, Lehana Thabane, Gordon H. Guyatt

Jean Liew, MD