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Methodological development of molecular endotype discovery from synovial fluid of individuals with knee osteoarthritis: the STEpUP OA Consortium

Dr. Michelle Yau
11/15/2023 No Methodology Journal Club due to ACR Conference
12/20/2023 Analysis of time-to-event for observational studies: Guidance to the use of intensity models.

Kragh Andersen P, Pohar Perme M, van Houwelingen HC, Cook RJ, Joly P, Martinussen T, Taylor JMG, Abrahamowicz M, Therneau TM.
Michael LaValley, PhD
1/17/2024 Researchers in rheumatology should avoid categorization of continuous predictor variables.

Zubeyir Salis , Blanca Gallego and Amanda Sainsbury

Jean Liew, MD
2/21/2024 Accuracy of Body Mass Index to Diagnose Obesity In the US Adult Population

Abel Romero-Corra, Virend K. Somers and Justo Sierra-Johnson

Use of Sex-Specific Body Mass Index to Optimize Low Correlation With Height and High Correlation With Fatness: A UK Biobank Study

Qi Feng, Jean H. Kim and Junqing Xie

Kathy Bacon, PhD
3/20/2024 Considerations for using race and ethnicity as quantitative variables in medical education research

Paula T. Ross · Tamera Hart-Johnson · Sally A. Santen · Nikki L. Bibler Zaid

Updated Guidance on the Reporting of Race and Ethnicity in Medical and Science Journals

Annette Flanagin, RN, MA; Tracy Frey, BA; Stacy L. Christiansen, MA

Michael P. LaValley, PhD


S. Reza Jafarzadeh, DVM, MPVM, PhD

4/17/2024 No Methodology Journal Club due to OARSI Conference

Genetic Influence on Osteoarthritis Versus Other Rheumatic Diseases

Karin Magnusson  1 Aleksandra Turkiewicz  2 Martin Rydén  2 Martin Englund  2
 Dr. Michelle Yau