• Title Research Scientist – Emili Lab
  • Office K323
  • Area of Interest Protein interaction networks

Avik is interested  in dynamic protein interaction networks. The main goal of his research project is how the protein-protein interactions in synapse change during Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) progression. Using genetically engineered mouse models, Avik has developed a novel in vivo proximity labelling technique (iPL) to identify protein networks in pre and postsynaptic density regions of synapse (in collaboration with Benjamin Wolozin lab, BU). Avik is also applying Photo Proximity Labeling to identify novel neuronal receptor networks and how it alters during homeostatic plasticity (in collaboration with Hengye Man lab, BU) . Additionally, Avik manages multiple collaborative projects  across many labs within Boston University and outside involving proteomics/phosphoproteomics/proximity labelling and immunoprecipitation mass spectrometry.

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