We are delighted to announce the recruitment of Michael Blower, PhD who will be joining the Department in September 2020 as an Associate Professor. Dr. Blower was recruited through a joint search of the Biochemistry Department and the Genome Science Institute.

The long term goal of the Blower lab is to understand how cell division changes gene expression in mitotic and meiotic cells, and how the process of transcription affects chromosome segregation. They are currently focused on: 1) how transcription is silenced during mitosis and restarted following mitosis, 2) how non-coding RNAs are removed from chromatin during mitosis, 3) regulation of gene expression in oocytes by cytoplasmic polyadenylation.

They are a multidisciplinary lab that uses cell biology, biochemistry, and genomic approaches coupled with CRISPR genome engineering. The Blower lab will be located on the first floor of the K (Conte) building.

Please join us in welcoming Mike and his lab to the department!