• Title Graduate student—Garcia-Marcos Lab
  • Education BS in Neuroscience, Ursinus College
  • Office K206
  • Area of Study G-protein signaling

I was born in Paris (France) and grew up in Europe until I was 18. After graduating high school, I moved to America to pursue my passion for basketball while continuing high level studies. I played collegiate basketball and earned my bachelor’s at Ursinus College, a small school around Philadelphia where I graduated from in 2018. After that incredible experience, I worked at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore as a research assistant investigating mechanisms and treatments for pediatric epilepsy. Although I had obviously always been interested in science, my experience at Hopkins convinced me that I wanted to be a full-time researcher, which is what brought me into the exceptional BU research community.

As a member of the Garcia-Marcos lab, the focus of my research is to investigate heterotrimeric G-proteins and their regulation. The clinical importance of this research is evident, as over 35% of FDA approved drugs target G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). The lab has established multiple models and developed tools to precisely measure G-protein activity in the cell. These tools can be used to develop a better understanding of how G-proteins get activated and regulated. While I did not have a biochemistry background before rotating in this lab, I was drawn by the clear pharmacological and clinical impacts that my research can have.


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