• Title Emeritus Professor
  • Phone 617-358-4173

I began in 1971 as a postdoc for Marrott Sinex, the Chair of Biochemistry at that time with a second postdoc in Carl Franzblau’s lab beginning in 1973, followed by a Young Investigator Award, NHLBI. Besides my current responsibilities as Assistant Dean of Admissions for the Medical School, I am department representative on the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. I also teach in MD512/OH751 (Dental Biochemistry) the myoglobin and hemoglobin section and supervise a student presented case on sickle cell disease in dental medicine.

His research interests include the biochemical basis for elastin destruction in pulmonary emphysema, a long held interest stemming from collaboration between the Pulmonary Section at Boston University School of Medicine and the Biochemistry Department.  Dr. Stone has initiated a number of other fruitful collaborations with clinical departments in the Medical Center, such as GI and Rheumatology, based on a clinical assay of elastin degradation developed in his laboratory and  resulting in two US patents.

Philip J. Stone, PhD
Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry
June, 2015

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