• Title Graduate Student – Cifuentes Lab
  • Education BS in biology, Saint Michael’s College
  • Office Cifuentes Lab – K420
  • Area of Interest RNA-Protein Interactions, microRNA

Originally from Gilmanton, New Hampshire, I pursued my undergraduate education at Saint Michael’s College. After graduating, I joined the Barouch lab at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center as a research assistant, contributing to vaccine development for COVID-19 and HIV. Seeking new challenges, I transitioned to Laronde Therapeutics, a growing biotech company, where I focused on vaccine development using a circular RNA platform. My research at Laronde sparked a keen interest in RNA engineering and stability mechanisms, motivating me to pursue a PhD mentored by Dr. Daniel Cifuentes. In my doctoral studies, I investigate RNA-protein interactions, microRNA dynamics during embryogenesis, and develops tools to advance understanding in these areas.

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