• Title Research Assistant Professor
  • Education PhD Lille 2 University (France)
    Postdoctoral Training Boston University School of Medicine
  • Office K6
  • Area of Interest adipose tissue biology

My multi-disciplinary academic training and research experience have provided me with an excellent background in biology including molecular biology, biochemistry, cell signaling and genetics, as well as drug design and bioinformatics. During my pre-doctoral I gained expertise in metabolic mouse phenotyping and epigenetic modification. I applied these techniques combined with deep sequencing technology including Chip-seq and RNA-seq to study different cell cycle related proteins such as the product of CDKN2a locus P16, P19 in β-cells adaptation and adipose tissue remodeling. In the Farmer Lab, I focused on adipose tissue remodeling and cellular crosstalk during both obesity and induced thermogenesis using cutting-edge technology including single cell sequencing and mass spectrometry. As a faculty member in the Biochemistry Department, my research interests include using single-cell sequencing, spatial transcriptomics, and mass spectrometry to uncover new mechanisms of adipose tissue remodeling in disease.

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