• Title Senior Research Scientist – Farmer Lab
  • Education Ph.D. in Cell and Tissue Biology, (University of São Paulo, Brazil), 2007.
  • Office Farmer Lab – K606
  • Area of Interest Disease Modeling, Visceral adipose tissue remodeling

My research during the last years has focused on defining cellular and molecular mechanisms of adipose tissue remodeling in different experimental models of cancer cachexia. My contributions have included a detailed dissection of mechanisms regulating the early phases of adipose tissue remodeling during cachexia development, particularly the induction of inflammation and brown-like adipocytes (brite/beige cells) in white adipose depots and the identification of novel targets for the development of anti-cachectic therapeutics.

In Brazil, since 2010, I have worked as Head of the Laboratory of adipose tissue biology focusing on in vivo and in vitro projects related to cancer cachexia, obesity, metabolic diseases. I Supervised 7 Ph.D. students, 3 postdocs, and several undergrad students. I also served as Dean of Research (2013-2017) at the University of Mogi das Cruzes (UMC), Brazil. I was responsible for developing and implementing policies for innovation, entrepreneurship, and R&D. I was responsible for mediating partnerships between University and Industry.

In the Farmer Lab, I am engaged in analyzing and integrating single nuclei sequencing and spatial transcriptomics dataset and establishing pipelines to identify in vitro new progenitor cells and mature adipocytes, especially in visceral adipose tissue samples from diabetic and obese patients.

As an entrepreneur and Bonds Biosystem startup co-founder, my research interests include developing a new 3D culture platform using adipocytes and lung and breast cancers as an organ-in-a-chip model for modeling cardiometabolic diseases and cancer cachexia.

Research Interests: 3D culture and organ in a chip, Visceral adipose tissue remodeling, Single nucleus RNA-Seq and spatial transcriptome, Disease Modeling, University spin-off and startup biotechnology

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