• Title Postdoctoral Associate – Costello Lab
  • Education Northwest University, China, PhD
  • Office 670 Albany, 5th Floor
  • Phone (857) 204-9500
  • Area of Interest Development and application of mass spectral methods for determining the structures and functions of oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates

Chaoshuang Xia joined in Prof. Catherine E. Costello’s group at the Center for Biomedical Mass Spectrometry, Boston University School of Medicine in November 2019. His research focuses on applying mass spectrometry-based proteomics/ glycoproteomics/ glycomics techniques for exploring proteins on human cell surface facilitate SARS-COV-2 binding and infection to human cell, analyzing N-glycosylation of antibody, and on fundamental investigations of glycans for detailed glycan structural characterization.

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