• Title Graduate Student – CIfuentes Lab
  • Education B.S. in Biochemistry, Stony Brook University
  • Office Cifuentes Lab, K420
  • Area of Interest Biochemistry, Virology

I am originally from Brooklyn, NY and went to Stony Brook University for my B.S. in Biochemistry. While I was an undergrad at Stony, I had the chance to work with Dr. Jun Lin and Dr. James P. Dilger in the Department of Anesthesiology where we made whole cell seals to study TRPM7 channels in cancer tissue. After graduating, I worked as a lab technician in Rebecca Lamason’s lab at MIT, and under the guidance of Dr. Jon McGinn, we developed the first CRISPRi system that is compatible with Rickettsia parkeri to facilitate the research in these intracellular obligate pathogens. Upon entering Boston University to pursue my PhD, I joined Dr. Daniel Cifuentes lab, who mirrors my background in biochemsitry and has interest in studying viruses.

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