Welcome to the SPIRIT Engine Webpage

What is the Spirit Engine?

The SPIRIT Engine version 1.0 is a web-based interface to develop educational and learning modules for use in curriculum or lesson planning. It was specifically developed to aid in the building of interdisciplinary programs for knowledge sharing and learning.  SPIRIT stands for Short Programs in Interdisciplinary Research and Training.

How Does the Spirit Engine Work?

The Core algorithm of the Spirit Engine uses an Assessment Design Framework Model (ADFM) to guide the development of an educational or interdisciplinary course of study or research.

What is in the future of the SPIRIT Engine?

This version of the SPIRIT engine is essentially a software assisted knowledge building tool. It helps the user plan and execute an educational or training program using a coherent systems science approach to knowledge construction and transfer. At the Laboratory for Intelligence Modeling and Neurophysics we are currently working on a new version which is an intelligent autonomous agent based system that will interact with the user as the program is being constructed. In version 2.0 the SPIRIT engine will still use a web-based interface but the user will be in true conversation with an autonomous expert agent.

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