Protein Array Service

We now offer a Protein/Cytokine Array Service!

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Magpix Luminex Image

Multiplexing by Luminex® Technology
We have expanded our Array Service Facility to also provide a service for analyzing proteins and cytokines in a single assay format with our newly acquired MAGPIX® system! Luminex’s xMAP Technology is based on micron sized color-coded magnetic beads (microspheres) that can be divided into 500 distinct sets. Each bead set is coated with a special mixture of dyes that is unique to a particular bioassay, which allows for the capture and detection of specific analytes from a sample. Inside of the MAGPIX System an LED light source excites the internal dyes that identify each microsphere particle and also a reporter dye captured during the analysis via a CCD camera. The MAGPIX allows for multiplexing of up to 50 unique analytes in a single well on a 96-well plate. Simply bring your samples (sera, supernatant, tissue, etc.) and we will run the assays and give you the quantitative data (pg/ml) of each cytokine or biomarker.

Full service ($285 per plate + Cost of the Kit)*

  • Core performs assay, acquires data and provides data preparation and analysis
  • Available for magnetic bead-based assays only
  • Core will order all kits (unless researcher wants to provide)
  • Please email or call the core to set up a consultation

Assisted Acquisition Only Service ($100 per plate)

  • Investigator performs assay and delivers plate to core to run
  • Core acquires data on the Magpix instrument.
  • Investigator should provide core with kit documents, sample list in text format and sample layout information
  • Data is emailed to investigator as both a csv file (compatible with Excel) and a pdf file
  • Available for magnetic bead-based assays only

Unassisted Acquisition Only Service ($85 per plate)

  • Investigator performs assay on their own
  • User acquires data on the Magpix instrument
  • User will setup plate configuration and sample information using the Magpix software
  • User analyzes own data and will email it to themselves
  • Available for magnetic bead based assays only

*$285/per plate calculated based on only being able to run 1 plate/kit. Using the DropArray Platform (see below) costs are significantly reduced when running multiple plates

Example of Some Cataloged Kits Available:

There are over 110 cataloged arrays available from various manufacturers! Arrays are available for a wide variety of species including human, rat, mouse, porcine, primate and bovine!

Bone Metabolism
Cancer Biomarkers
Immunology/Immune Response
Cell Signaling

Please click here in order to use the Luminex® Kit Finder to find the perfect assay for you. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for feel free to contact us with the analytes you are interested in and what type of sample you have and we would be more than happy to find the perfect kit for you!

Curiox Biosystems DropArray Platform


LT210 Washing Station For DropArray Microplates

How Does it Work?

The DropArray series of microplates consist of a hydrophobic planar surface with 96- or 384- hydrophilic features arrayed in the standard SBS/ANSI format. Assays are prepared in 5–20 µl or 2–4 µl volumes depending on plate format, and reside as a drop on a hydrophilic spot on the plate surface.

DA-Bead Plate

Miniaturizing multiplex Luminex® assays on DA-Bead plates is simple. The assay is set up with the same cocktail of bead and sample, however, total volume is reduced by 5-fold. This leads to a reduction in total assay reagent cost by >70%. Overall the workflow remains unchanged. Plate washing is performed using the LT210 Washing Station and avoids unnecessary clumping, so that bead consumption is maximized. DropArray has been  shown to have superior sensitivity when performing Luminex® multiplex assays, leading to more robust data.

DA-Cell plate and DA-Bead plate

For More Information please feel free to visit Curiox’s Website or directly contact us using the information below!

Contact Information

For further information about our Protein Array Services or to schedule a meeting to discuss a project, please contact:

Matthew Au
Array Service Manager
650 Albany St Rm 830
Boston MA 02118


Lynn Deng
Director of Analytical Instrumentation Core
650 Albany St Rm 848
Boston MA 02118


Research Services Agreement

The Analytical Instrumentation Core requires that all experiments conducted adhere to IBC measures and that both parties read and sign the Research Service Agreement which outlines the terms and conditions upon which the Core User and BU-AIC core engage in to conduct the study.

Research Services Agreement