Array Services

The Analytical Instrumentation Core now offers Array Services!

Download our Array Service Booklet here for more information on the service!

Our new Array Service Facility has formally opened for business! Pathway PCR arrays allow for the analysis of 84 genes (x 4 sample replicates + housekeeping genes) in one 384-well PCR plate to determine the expression profile of a set of genes relevant to a disease or pathway. There are over 100 cataloged arrays in available for human, rat, and mouse lines. If you have a list of targeted genes and want custom arrays, they are also available allowing for the analysis of 60 to 384 genes of interest specific to your analysis.

A list of the most popular PCR Arrays are below along with a general pricing for the service. Please contact a member of the AIC if you have any further questions or to schedule an appointment to discuss your research goals.

Over 150 Signaling Pathways & DiseasesArray Outline

Most Popular PCR Arrays:

(Please specify human, rat, or mouse)

Inflammatory cytokines and receptors
Extracellular matrix and adhesion molecules
Toll-like receptor signaling pathway
Oxidative stress and antioxidant defense
Wnt signaling pathway
Signal transduction pathway finder
Cell cycle
Epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT)
Stress and toxicity pathway finder
Lipoprotein signaling and cholesterol metabolism
Cancer pathway

Basic Service: Purified cDNA supplied to AIC*

Plate, instrument usage, and time= approximately $370 per plate

Reagents and supplies= approximately $200 per plate

Full Service: RNA extraction, purification, and cDNA synthesis*

Sample Preparation= approximately $50 per sample (4 samples per plate) = approximately $200 per plate

Plate, instrument usage, and time= approximately $370 per plate

Reagents and supplies= approximately $200 per plate

*Prices will vary for Custom or Modified Arrays

Contact Information

For further information on Array Services or to schedule a meeting to develop an experiment, please contact:

Matthew Au
Array Service Manager
650 Albany St Rm 830
Boston MA 02118

Lynn Deng
Director of Analytical Instrumentation Core
650 Albany St RmĀ 848
Boston MA 02118


Research Services Agreement

The Analytical Instrumentation Core requires that all experiments conducted adhere to IBC measures and that both parties read and sign the Research Service Agreement which outlines the terms and conditions upon which the Core User and BU-AIC core engage in to conduct the study.

Research Services Agreement