Preceptorship for Ultrasound Technologists

Preceptorship for Ultrasound Technologists, Physicians

This program has been temporarily suspended due to changes in hospital regulations. If you are interested, please call 617 638-8476, and you will be contacted when the program is reinstated. Thank you for your patience.

Course objective is to observe firsthand the approach used in the Center for Sexual Medicine for ultrasound diagnosis of sexual medical problems. A visit to our practice will include demonstration of gray-scale ultrasound imaging as well as the proper use of duplex doppler imaging in the diagnosis of both male and female sexual dysfunction. Basic physics and instrumentation as well as technique and state of the art scanning protocols will be taught. Recognition of the anatomy of the clitoris and corpus spongiosum as it appears sonographically as well as the sonographic landmarks in both penile scanning and clitoral scanning.

Topics covered include: angle correction, peak systolic velocities, end diastolic velocities, arterial mapping, CPT coding.

The visiting ultrasound technologist will spend his/her time with Mr. Scott Maitland. There are no guarantees that every patient will feel comfortable with an unknown observer, but most do not have a problem with this. Please plan to arrive at 9:00am.

Visitors may book either one or two days. Please contact Laurie MacIsaac at 617 638-8476. After the visit the sponsoring agency will receive a letter acknowledging a pledge made on the date of the visit and including information for making a donation in return for the training.

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