Preceptorship for Physicians

This program has been temporarily suspended due to changes in hospital regulations. If you are interested, please call 617 638-8476, and you will be contacted when the program is reinstated. Thank you for your patience.

The course objective is to observe firsthand the approach used in the Center for Sexual Medicine for diagnosis and treatment of sexual medical problems. For both male and female patients, the CSM utilizes the process of care which incorporates process 1, identification of the sexual problems through psychologic interview with an on site psychologist, medical, sexual, psychosocial history, physical examination, genital sensory blood flow testing as needed and laboratory tests as needed. Process 2 involves education of the patient and the partner. The initial office visits incorporates the 2 processes. Patients to the center who are for follow-up evaluation undergo a review of their initial evaluation and attempts at modification (process 3). This may involve medication change, modification of the hormonal milieu, change in lifestyle, etc. Process 4 involves first line therapy, process 5 involves second line therapy, and process 6 involves third line therapy. There are no 4th and 5th processes for female patients as of yet.

The visiting physician will spend his/her time with Dr. Ricardo Munarriz. There are no guarantees that every patient will feel comfortable with an unknown observer, but most do not have a problem with this.

The day starts at 9:00am. Jackets and ties or professional dress are required of all visitors. New female patients are booked for 2-3 hour visits; new male patients are scheduled for a minimum 1 hour visit. The typical visit involves managing 15-25 patients in a day. If there is time between patients, that time will be utilized for teaching. Our physicians do not take a lunch hour, so please come prepared to work through the day. Should surgery be scheduled, the individual may be invited as an observer. Surgical procedures include correction of Peyronie’s, penile implant insertion, penile revascularization or surgery for female sexual dysfunction.

Visitors may book either one or two days. Please contact Laurie MacIsaac at 617 638-8476. After the visit the sponsoring agency will receive a letter acknowledging a pledge made on the date of the visit and including information for making a donation in return for the training.

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