Symptoms of Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

In 1999 I started having strong urges,pressure and the need for orgasm after surgery for bladder cancer and brain surgery. Orgasms started spontanteously and constantly without any stimulation. To this day I have throbbing orgasms and extreme pressure to relieve them all the time. I get relief after urinating and moving my bowels for a short time. Sitting is the worst position, sitting in a car is awful. We have tried Lidacaine, Neurontin and muscle relaxers, all to no avail. This has controlled my life for the past few years. I get so blue sometimes, I don’t want to go out. Sitting in a restaurant with friends does not give me any pleasure because of the throbbing. I’ve spoken to all my physicians and no one has any help for me. I can cause an orgasm by the simple act of gently moving my leg up and down and that gives five minutes of relief.

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