Symptoms of Peristent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

I was constantly feeling overwelming sensations of sexual arousal, which were purely physical and not accompanied by romantic or sexual fantasies; basically the need to have repeated orgasms which was never relieved by normal orgasmic experience. I could have one after the other and within minutes feel like I never had one in the first place. There didn’t seem to be any sufficient number of orgasms I could have to make the sensation go away. I was completely insatiable and it was DREADFUL!!! I’m on disabilty for chronic lyme disease and am not currently working, so I would spend day after day masturbating and showering and masturbating and showering. I was so uncomfortable I thought about jumping off the roof just to make it go away. I sobbed on an almost daily basis. I went on birth control pills which really helped the PSAS but gave me a cluster migraine that lasted 2 and a half months so I had to go off of them. A few weeks later the symptoms returned so I started using Synaral nasal spray which helped somewhat (but not enough) and really screwed up my orgasms. I stopped taking trazodone 2 days ago (which I had been taking for years for sleep), and the problem seems to be getting better, so maybe the trazodone was the main cause. I’m not entirely symptom free yet.

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