Quality of Life with PSAS

Although the problem with priapism has been lessened by my recent embolization, it has returned and is still of enough magnitude and intensity to disrupt my life. It continues to rule my life and I schedule my work and personal life around my physical pain and discomfort. It is still difficult to concentrate, focus or achieve what I would like to both at work and at home. It has led to a renewed problem of depression and angry outbursts that is affecting my personal relationships. It interferes with my getting adequate sleep and I overeat or eat poor foods which causes me to gain excess weight. I avoid situations and people when I have the priapism rather than risk a disastrous encounter and tend to spend more time laying in bed watching TV which I don’t really enjoy doing. It is also causing problems with pressure on my bladder at varying times and bowels during sexual relations. I have begun to contemplate suicide again because I cannot imagine living like this for the rest of my life and indeed cannot. I appreciate everything everyone has done or tried to do for me, but I need a permanent one hundred percent cessation of the priapism in order to have sufficient quality of life.

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of BU School of Medicine