PSAS – A Personal Experience

My case was complicated because I actually had PSAS plus hypogonadism. Despite a lifelong history of depression, giving me another antidepressant to try, and then another, just delayed the ultimate diagnosis and frustrated me even more because my symptoms were exacerbated by antidepressants. I finally threw away the last prescription the psychiatrist wrote and went off all psych meds. Depakote was recommended and it proved a good choice but a totally different idea than another antidepressant.

I suffered from no real orgasms for fully two years, having been orgasmic all my 24 years of married life. I suffered from constant PSAS for over a year and I became so desperate I was ready to end my life, not from depression but just from an unwillingness to continue such a low quality existence. The symptoms were 24 hours, seven days a week, without any relief to speak of and no one had a clue. My wonderful husband tried his best and tried his best but it was never enough.

My youngest son’s last year of high school passed, and it should have been a wonderful year. I had to spend an obscene amount of time alone in my bedroom just trying to get some kind of relief. Thank God I had the fortitude to not want to ruin his graduation by killing myself and making things even worse. I am a professional and I had to go to work without much or any sleep for literally days on end.

In the end, things are working out. It has been an absolute nightmare but it is ending.

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