Preparing for Dyspareunia Surgery

Tips for women preparing to have dyspareunia surgery:

Cottenelle Moist Wipes – $2.79
Who ever made these are a god, the last thing you feel like doing is wiping after urination, and these are awesome!

Ice Bags – $7.99 / each
No need to say more

Head pillow – made for neck support for air travel – $12.99
Purchase at most airports
Much better than doughnut
Elevates front which helps considerably, and have room for ice bag

• Witch Hazel and Cotton Pads
• Witch Hazel – $.99
• Cotton Pads – $1.99
ª Pour Witch Hazel over pads in small container
• Dab area after urinating
• Greatly reduces sting and cleans area

• Personal Massager
• $60 & Up
• Helps to relax stiff muscles caused by being immobile

• Personal Tip
• Just before surgery, shave personal area, helps keep area clean and makes wiping easier

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