Dealing with Hair Growth

Problem: My facial hair grew darker and faster after I was on DHEA for a while, although it did not grow in any new places.

Solution: I bleached my facial hair every 2 weeks

Problem: When I started using testosterone gel I started growing fuzz on my abdomen where I rubbed it in, as well as a little bit of scraggly hair on the inside of my legs.

Solution: I got bikini waxes before vacations and ignored the fuzz on my abdomen.

Practical solution: Put the testosterone gel on your calves instead of your abdomen, since you shave your legs anyway!

Ultimate solutions: electroysis (time consuming) or laser hair removal (expensive)

Electrolysis requires many visits but you pay for it as you go. Hair removal is permanent, and if new hair should appear it can easily be eliminated. You can book 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending upon how much hair you want removed. This can be done on any part of your body. Because each hair is zapped one at a time, some areas start to become sensitive as they are being treated. This goes away as soon as the treatment stops and the technician puts cold water on the area.

Laser hair removal is effective only for dark hair, but if you are blond or gray you may not feel the same need to remove new hair growth. Laser hair removal is paid for up front, hence it is expensive. Typically each area is treated once a month for 6 months. Multiple areas can be treated each visit, as it only takes minutes. Make sure the laser wand has a coolant in it. Cold water runs through it to cool your skin, then the laser zaps and you may feel a sting for a moment, then cold water runs through the laser again cooling your skin. (The water is in the laser and does not get you wet.) Once the laser stops you don’t feel it anymore, and there is no redness or swelling so you can go out and no one can tell thar you had the procedure. The only problem with this procedure is that you must shave the area to be treated. Your skin may be irritated from shaving–make sure the technician gives you a surgical razor.

I have used all these hair removal procedures during my lifetime, and other than the irritation on my abdomen and inner legs for a few days after I shave, the laser hair removal is the easiest.

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