Penile Curvature

Correction of Penile Curvature

Indications for surgery for the symptom of penile curvature:
• stable penile curvature x 3 – 6 months
• drawing in chart/photograph home/office
• failed medical Rx
• prevent vaginal penetration or pain in partner or significant emotional concern

Indications for surgery as it concerns pain symptom:
• no – minimal plaque pain/tenderness deep palpation
• no pain in flaccid state
• may have pain in erect state with severe curvature and normal rigidity

Indications for surgery as it concerns erectile dysfunction symptom:
• documented normal erectile function/penile rigidity (OIIT, Duplex, DICC, NPT?)
• documented abnormal erectile function/penile rigidity (usually place penile implant)

Contraindications for corrective surgery:
• unstable plaque
• no medical treatment
• curvature not documented by photography
• curvature minimal
• curvature does not result in adverse effects on intercourse/partner/self-image
• curvature associated with pain in the flaccid state or tenderness on palpation
• poor quality erections

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