The Fourth Annual Carlos S. Kase BU Neurology Research Symposium

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  • Poster Presentaton

  • Carlos S. Kase, MD, Professor Emeritus, and David M. Greer, MD, Professor and Chair, BUSM Department of Neurology

  • Poster Presentation

  • Michelle Kaku, MD, Neurology Residency Program Director

  • Priya Garg, MD, the Director of the Office of Medical Education and Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs for BUSM

  • Jesse Mez, MD, David Greer, MD, Carlos Kase, MD, Panagiotis Kassavetis, MD, PhD, Daniella Sisniega, Steve Han

  • Chantale Branson, MD, Marie-Helene St. Hilaire, Stephanie Bissonnette, DO and Melissa Rethana

  • Steve Han, Daniella Sisniega, Alison O'Connor and Michelle Kaku, MD

  • Marie Helene St. Hilaire, MD and Jesse Mez, MD

  • Neurology Residents and Fellows

  • Poster Presentation

  • Carlos S. Kase, MD and Anna M. Cervantes-Arslanian, MD

  • Katelyn Bird, MD (Senior Resident in Neurology)

  • Poster Presentation

  • Viken L. Babikian, MD

  • Carlos S. Kase, MD and Michael D. Perloff, MD, PhD

  • Nirmita Doshi, Shih Hao Lin, MD and Sanford H. Auerbach, MD

  • Panagiotis Kassavetis, MD, PhD (Chief Resident in Neurology)

On April 9th, 2018 the BU Department of Neurology hosted its Fourth Annual Carlos S. Kase BU Neurology Research Symposium. Dr. Michelle Kaku and Dr. David Greer, Professor and Chair, welcomed the guests on behalf of the department. Dr. Carlos Kase was presented with a plaque in honor of his many years of service and dedication to the BMC patients.

The Symposium highlighted the clinical research programs for BU medical students, residents and fellows in the Department of Neurology. Over 90 attendees at the conference included faculty, trainees, students and alumni who heard presentations from senior residents that ranged from Triptans and Migraine to Sound Inhibition in the Motor System.

This year we were honored to welcome our keynote speaker, Dr. Priya Garg, the Director of the Office of Medical Education and Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs for BUSM. In “Finding the Path to Competence and Entrustment,” Dr. Garg shared her thoughts and insights into our learners across the continuum from undergraduate medical education to graduate medical education, and how to better prepare medical students to transition to the professional responsibilities of residency. Dr Garg also discussed the BUSM specific future directions in competency based education.

Dr. Jesse Mez received an award for his outstanding research contributions to the Department of Neurology at BUSM. Dr. Panagiotis Kassavetis, senior resident at BU Neurology, was presented with Resident Research Award. Daniella Sisniega and Steve Han received Medical Student Research awards.

The evening concluded with a poster presentation featuring research and scholarly work by our medical students, residents and fellows.

We look forward to seeing you at our future neuroscience symposia!

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