Molecular Neuropharmacology Laboratory Photo Gallery


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Group photo with visiting scientist from Italy, Paola Pala (center front).

Lab Staff

Emin Oztas and Anti Kalda at Ether Dome, MGH

Group photo in front of the Talbot (School of Public Health) building

Anti Kalda presenting work at Neuroscience 2002

Yumei Wang in lab

Anti Kalda, Jiang-Fen Chen, and Emin Oztas presenting work at Neuroscience 2002

Jarrod Ferrar running PCR

Group photo after farewell lunch for Jin Cai, visiting scientist from China (left front)

Ed Stack ear tagging mice

Emin Oztas and Jiang-Fan Chen

Dr. Chen in his office

Group photo at Tanglewood, Summer 2002

Ed Stack on imaging microscope

Liqun Yu on cryostat

Group photo from Society for Neuroscience annual meeting (Orlando, 2002)


MOLECULAR NEUROPHARMACOLOGY LABORATORY at the Boston University School of Medicine/Boston Medical Center
Director: Jiang-Fan Chen, MD, PhD


Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine