BUMC Residents and BUSM Students at 2019 AAN

More than 14,000 attendees came together (May 4-10, 2019) at the 71st Annual American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Meeting in Philadelphia. Several BUMC Neurology residents presented their work in poster sessions.


  • Assessment of Medical Student Clinical Skills during Neurology Clerkship: A Quality Improvement Study, Barnes, Erin1  Carneiro, Thiago1  Sader, Elie2  Vaou, Okeanis3  
  • Neurobehçet presenting with sympathetic ophthalmia and pseudotumoral brainstem lesion in afro-american patient, Carneiro, Thiago1  Pergakis, Melissa1  Mackel, Charles1  Zhu, Shuhan1  
  • Effect of a faculty-led comprehensive mentorship program on medical student recruitment and research productivity in neurology, Zhu, Shuhan1  Sader, Elie1  Thom, Natalie2  Vaou, Okeanis1  Hohler, Anna3  
  • Establishing a resident-led lumbar puncture clinic to improve resident satisfaction and skills during neurology residency, Sader, Elie1  Weller, Jason1  
  • Outcome of Thrombectomy in Stroke Due to Infective Endocarditis: A Case Series, Sader, Elie1  Thom, Natalie2  McDonald, Sandra1  Abdalkader, Mohamad1  Nguyen, Thanh1  Greer, David1  Cervantes-Arslanian, Anna Marisa1
  • The Sensitivites of Median Mixed Palmar Distal Latencies in the Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Onset, Peak, Either Onset or Peak, or Onset and Peak), Sader, Elie1  Mason Sharma, Alexandre1  Kaku, Michelle1  Siao Tick Chong, Peter1  
  • Top 5 Reasons Not to Choose Neurology as a Career, Vaou, Okeanis1  Sader, Elie2  


Minh-Thuy Nguyen, BUSM student, won a 2019 AAN Quality Improvement Award.

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  • Shivkumar Bhadola, MD and Michelle Kaku, MD (Neurology Residency Program Director)

  • Elie Sader, MD

  • Thiago Santos Carneiro, MD

  • Clotilde Hainline, MD, Cigdem Isitan, MD, Amanda Macone, MD and Virginia Roberts, MD

  • Minh.Thuy Nguyen (BUSM student) and Shuhan Zhu, MD

  • Aneeta Saxena, MD, Elie Sader, MD and Julie Shulman, MD

  • Michelle Kaku, MD, Shuhan Zhu, MD, Cigdem Isitan, MD, Katelyn Bird, MD, Melissa Pergakis, MD and Thiago Santos Carneiro, MD

  • Minh-Thuy Nguyen (BUSM Student)

  • Minh-Thuy Nguyen receives AAN Quality Improvement Award

  • 2019 AAN Early Career Reception

  • Julie Shulman, MD, Courtney Takahashi, MD, Michelle Kaku, MD and Vincent Lau, MD

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