Ion Torrent PGM and Proton Next Generation Sequencing

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Affymetrix GeneChips™

All Affymetrix GeneChips are available to us at special Boston Academic Consortium prices. We provide both arrays and reagents to academic users at cost. Below we have listed the prices of some of the most commonly used arrays. If you don’t see the array you are interested in, you can find out about the full catalog of arrays that are available from Affymetrix at their website ( and then talk with us to discuss pricing. We can also discuss custom-array strategies if no commercial array is available for your experiment. If you are an industrial client, please inquire about our commercial prices.

Array Name Description Array Internal 



Academic Total

miRNA 2.0 and 3.0 131 Organisms >15,000 probe sets, 100% miRBase v15 coverage [More info] $260 $360 $380
Exon 1.0 ST Human , mouse, rat > 1,000,000 probesets [more info] $400 $690 $730
Gene 1.0 and 2.0 ST Human , mouse, rat Transcriptome, annotated sequences, > 27,300 probesets [more info] $175 $395 $430
U133 2.0 Plus Human Transcriptome, complete, ~ 51,000 probesets [more info] $400 $710 $745
U133A 2.0 Human Transcriptome, annotated sequences, ~ 22,500 probesets [more info] $250 $475 $510
Primeview Human Transcriptome, 500,000 probes covering >20,000 genes mapped through RefSeq or UniGene annotation. [more info] $150 $355 $390
MG 430 2.0 Mouse Transcriptome, complete, ~ 45,000 probesets [more info] $400 $710 $745
MG 430A 2.0 Mouse Transcriptome, annotated sequences, ~ 22,500 probesets [more info] $250 $475 $510
RG 230 2.0 Rat Transcriptome, annotated sequences, ~ 31,000 probesets [more info] $375 $680 $720
Canine Transcriptome, ~21,600 transcripts [more info] $375 $680 $720
Xenopus laevis Transcriptome, ~14,400 transcripts [more info] $375 $680 $720
Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Transcriptome, ~14,900 transcripts [more info] $275 $580 $620
Yeast Transcriptome, ~7,000 probesets [more info] $175 $480 $520
ATH1 Arabidopsis Transcriptome, ~16,000 probesets [more info] $275 $580 $620
Drosophila Transcriptome, ~13,500 probesets [more info] $250 $560 $595
C. elegans Transcriptome, ~22,500 probesets [more info] $275 $580 $620
E. coli Transcriptome, ~5,500 probesets [more info] $175 $520 $555
P. aeruginosa Transcriptome, ~6,000 probesets [more info] $275 $620 $655
Arrays for other organisms are available; please contact us or search the Affymetrix website for more information.

†Array discontinued by Affymetrix.  We have a small number of arrays remaining for use.

Reagents and Labor

The reagent fee covers our direct cost for the enzymes and materials required to prepare labeled cRNA and hybridize it to the GeneChip microarray. From start to finish, the sample labeling and hybridization takes about three days, and the labor fee covers our personnel costs for this processing. Our charge for labor is competitive with other facilities and includes assistance with data analysis, a service unique to the Boston University Microarray Resource.

Experimental Design and Data Analysis

In order to make sure that you get the most out of your microarray experiment, we provide users of the Microarray Resource with free data analysis assistance. This includes assistance with experimental design and statistical analysis, as well as access to software that allows sophisticated data mining and visualization.

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